Rules & Conditions

Rules & Conditions

These rules and conditions replace all rules previously issued and are effective from 6th October 2010 until further notice.

1. In these rules the words ‘Contest Management’ shall refer to the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival Committee.

2. In these rules reference to ‘Bandsmen’ shall include ‘Bandswomen’.

3. National Gradings will be used subject to the following: -

Championship Section shall be open to all bands.
First Section shall be open to all bands up to and including First Section status.
Second Section shall be open to all bands up to and including Second Section status.
Third Section shall be open to all bands up to and including Third Section status.
Fourth Section shall be open to Fourth Section bands only.

4. The contest is open to brass bands only and shall consist of 25 brass players plus percussionists as required by the music score. Only brass band instruments shall be permitted.

5. The Contest Management reserve the right to vary or add to these Rules and Conditions of the contest from time to time, to cancel the contest, to hold it on another day, to limit the number of entries, to close sections at an earlier date than stipulated on the ‘Entry Form’, or to accept or decline an entry.

6. All complaints, protests, objections or matters arising under these rules or otherwise, shall be submitted to and determined by the Contest Management, whose decision shall be final and shall not be subject to any further appeal or any legal proceedings whatsoever.

7. The Contest Management and Officials cannot be held responsible for damage to, or loss of instruments, music stands, equipment or property of any kind.

8. The interpretation of these Rules and Conditions shall be the prerogative of the Contest Management whose decision shall be final.

9. In order to enter the contest, the band secretary must complete an official ‘Entry Form’ and return it to the ‘Contest Promoter’ together with the entry fee on or before the stated closing date. The entry fee is not refundable under any circumstances. All entries shall be subject to approval by the Contest Management.

10. A bandsman who at anytime, gives his signature to documents for more than one band and/or a secretary or any other official or member of a band who submits a false registration or countenance a false signature, shall be dealt with under these rules by the Contest Management.

11. The ‘Order of Play’ for fourth section bands will be pre-drawn by the Contest Management during the week following the closing date for entries. All other sections will be drawn at the times stated in the General Instructions.

12. Day transfers will be allowed on completion of an ‘Application for Temporary Day Transfer of Player’s, signed correctly by all appropriate parties and must comply with the following: -

a) A band may borrow no more than 3 players.
b) A player, on temporary day transfer for a contest, may only play for the band which has applied for the temporary transfer and has completed the appropriate form to the satisfaction of the contest promoter (subject to the restrictions on sections itemised below) and therefore will not be able to play for the band with he/she is normally registered.:

c) Championship, First, Second and Third Sections
Borrowed players in the above sections, shall be registered players from bands registered either the same grade or grades lower than the borrowing band.

d) Fourth Section
Borrowed players in the above section shall be registered players from bands in the same grade or from the Third Section.

e) The Bugle Contest is run as an ‘Open Contest’, which allows bands to enter sections above their National Grading, therefore borrowed players relate to the grading of the borrowing band and not the section entered.

f) It is the responsibility of the secretary of the borrowing band to ensure that the registration card of any player on a day transfer, is fully franked and produced at registration, or when requested by the contest organisers.

a) If a bandsman is unable to compete due to personal illness/injury or family bereavement, and is able to provide documentary proof or evidence to the satisfaction of the Contest Promoter, the Contest Promoter will arrange to provide a deputy. This will be the same instrumentalist from another band competing in the section, complete with instrument and band parts.

b) The band drawn to play immediately before the band making application shall supply the deputy bandsman approved under this rule, and the secretary of this band will be held responsible for seeing that this is fulfilled. If the band making application is drawn No. 1 the band drawn to play last shall supply the deputy bandsman.

c) A bandsman acting as deputy must not make any request for payment for his service and no such payment may be made by any official concerned.

a) At the registration table each bandsman shall present his Registration Card for scrutiny and endorsement, and may be required to sign a registration document.

b) Any discrepancy will be reported to the Contest Promoter, and in case of doubt he/she will notify the secretary or conductor that the bandsman may play at the risk of subsequent objection.

15. An interval of FOUR (4) minutes shall be allowed between performances. Any band not being ready to play within FOUR (4) minutes of the time for the section to commence, or of the preceding band leaving the platform, may be disqualified.

16. No bandsman shall be allowed to play more than one brass instrument. It is permissible for a brass player to assist on percussion. It is not permissible for a percussionist to assist/play a brass instrument.

17. At the conclusion of the contest the decision of the Adjudicator/s shall be announced. Subject to these rules, the Adjudicators decision shall be FINAL on all maters relating to adjudication.

a) Any protest at the time of a contest made before the results are announced should be presented to the Contest Promoter in writing. The band protesting shall deposit an amount of £25, which shall be returned if the protest is sustained, but not otherwise.

b) Any protest made after the results have been announced should be presented, in writing, to the Contest Promoter within FOURTEEN (14) days, accompanied by a deposit of £25, which shall be returned if the protest is sustained, but not otherwise.

c) No deposit shall be required when an authorised official, steward, or a member of the Protest Committee for the contest presents a protest.

19. If at the expiration of FOURTEEN (14) days the Contest Management is satisfied that no serious breach under these rules has occurred, prize-winning cheques will be processed in the normal manner.

20. Deportment will be judged on the morning march to the contest field.
Traditional uniform must be worn on stage and on the march to and from the contest field.

21. All Trophies are the property of the Festival.

a) Any band winning a Trophy must give an undertaking signed by an official of the band to keep the trophy in good and safe condition and to protect and insure it against loss or damage.

b) It is the bands responsibility to return all trophies in a good and clean condition to the Trophy Officer as directed on the signature form, a copy of which will have been provided to the band.

22. Any member, performer, official or conductor of a contesting band found guilty of a breach of these rules or failing to comply with the conditions set forth in the ‘Schedule’, ‘Entry Form’ or ‘General Instructions’, or who commits any act which, in the opinion of the Contest Management would be calculated to be prejudicial to the proper conduct or reputation of the contest, will be subject to disqualification and/or forfeiture of prizes, and/or suspension from entering the contest held under these rules, for such time as may be decided upon by the Contest Management.

23. Any matters arising at the contest which are not covered by these rules shall be dealt with by the Contest Promoter, in a manner which he feels will be in the best interest of all competitors. His decision shall be final.

6th October 2010

Note - 

Youth Section
There are additional rules applicable to the Youth Section only, and these will be sent on request to any band that may be considering entry to the section.

Training Section
The Youth rules apply with the exception of rule No. 4. In this section there is no age limit and a band may elect to play either 2 senior bass players or 1 bass player and 1 bass trombone player.

Application for day Transfer Forms
These will be sent to competing bands with the General Instructions in May, but are available from the Promoter in advance if required.